Looking for a Vegetarian in Seville ?

El Rincón de Beirut is not an exclusive vegetarian restaurant, we are a Lebanese restaurant, but we have many dishes exclusively vegetarian, so we indicate in our letter and if you come to visit us you will see!

Are you looking for the best vegetarian in Sevilla ?

vegetarian in Seville

In particular more than 20 vegetarian and vegan dishes, exclusive, exotic and traditionally Lebanese. And is that in Arab culture there are many dishes exclusively vegetarian. The best known example is the Hummous, but not the only one! Take a look at our menu to check it by clicking here.

And is that to look for a vegetarian in Seville become almost a must, when you’re tired of tapas, what about a great Lebanese salad like Fattouche ?.

vegetarian in Seville

Comida vegetariana en Sevilla


Those who prefer to follow a vegan diet exclusively have something complicated when it comes to finding a restaurant, that without being a specialist, prepare dishes that without changing their original recipe, whether vegan. And lucky that we live in Andalusia, and that the Mediterranean diet is very prone to using many vegetables …. but even so, a full vegetarian in Seville is difficult to find.

In El Rincón de Beirut we offer you an endless selection of dishes to make your vegan or vegetarian menu in Seville, in the heart of the city, overlooking the former Real Fabrica de Tabacos, now the Rectorate of the University of Seville, and the emblematic Hotel Alfonso XIII – Luxury Collection, a few steps from the Cathedral and all the emblematic places of the old town.

So….are you looking for a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Seville? Come to visit El Rincón de Beirut, in the city centre. All our dishes are made with fresh vegetables. Check it!