Halal food in Seville

In our restaurant is quite important that all the meat was halal. Because we receive a lot of people around the world during all year. We would like that all our guests have a good experience.

We are an Arabic restaurant, so… our meat is halal.

Not all our plates have meat, such as we have said before, we want to all our guests are comfortable. So, we have in our menu a lot of options for everybody.  In addition, our waiters try to serve them being friendly.

Although there are others restaurant of halal food in Seville, we are different because we cook such as we have seen in our country. We have more than ten years of experience in Arabic gastronomic. Maybe, that’s why, our guests considered us the best.

Arayes en Sevilla


The food of the picture is a “arayes of veal”, tipic of Arabic gastronomy. The meat of this plate is 100% halal. In our restaurant there are three different arayes. First “arayes of veal”, the second, “arayes of cheese and mint” and the last “arayes of veal and cheese”. This last, is called Toshka too.

Other of the favorites plates of our guests are “pinchos morrunos”. These are made with 100% halal meat. This food has a delicious flavor due to the Arabic gastronomy custom. Therefore, this is a special food. Would you like to come to taste? We are sure that you will love it.

If you want more about our restaurant, you can visit our website here.

We hope you are looking forward to tasting the halal food in Seville. We recommend that you book your table before come. We will wait for you in the street San Fernando, 21, in the city Centre.